Great Eastern - Centennial Max Plan

This product is a Single Premium Investment-Linked policy with access to only one professionally managed unit fund called the “Centennial Max Fund”.

(a) Opportunities to grow your returns in all market conditions. Enjoy 100% capital protection too.

Set While other investors worriedly watch the market, you can relax knowing that you can earn potentially higher returns. Introducing Centennial Max Plan, a 5-year single premium plan that combines investment and insurance. Not only do we shield your investment two ways, we cover you too. It's perfect if you're looking to diversify your investments.

(b) 100% Capital Protection

Every cent you invest is protected. Which means you'll get back your capital upon maturity of your plan, even if the market isn't doing well. On top of that, you could receive potential returns on your investment.

(c) As Market Conditions Change, the Plan Does Too

Centennial Max Plan invests in a specially-designed close-ended investment-linked fund - Centennial Max Fund. This fund invests in a structured product issued by OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad ("Issuer") which will mature at the end of 5 years.

No matter how the market performs at any given time, Centennial Max Plan is designed to take advantage of it. Ensuring you potentially higher returns. Your investment will benefit from our dynamic rebalancing strategy which potentially captures returns in both bullish and bearish markets.

(d) Plus, Protection Against Death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD)

Note: TPD coverage is limited to Standard Lives only. The Basic Sum Assured or Total Investment Value (if any), whichever is higher, shall be payable upon Death or TPD (in accordance to TPD provisions), after which the policy will be terminated.

NO Insurance Charge !!
NO Monthly Policy Fee !!
NO Fund Management Fee !!
Bid-Offer Spread: 5% !!

Anyone between 1 month attained age and 70 years old next birthday may apply for this plan. The plan is on offer for a limited period only.

Offer Period: 27 May 2008 to 26 June 2008

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